Rydem Bitless Combo Bridle

Introducing the Rydem Bitless Combo Bridle. The Rydem Bitless Combo Bridle is a lightweight cross under bitless rope bridle that is gentle and effective. Offering clear communication and immediate release it will not leave your horse feeling trapped.

The Rydem Bitless Combo Bridle is great for trail and endurance riders or anyone who just wants to hack around. With the built in tie loop, it makes it safe and easy to tie your horse while out on the trail without the added bulk of a halter under your bridle. The unique design of this bridle offers an instant release of pressure for simple and clear communication with extra nose knots for added refinement and control.


The Rydem Bridle does not tie like a traditional rope halter; it slides on over the ears like a regular headstall and is very adjustable. Ideal for trail and endurance riders and first time bit less riders.


Hand tied 1/4" black marine grade double braid yacht rope with true overhand knots. This bridle is made to last and is easy to care for.